the Prosper Practice Podcast: Season 1 Episode 1:


STRATEGY | 7 key ways you could be marketing your dental practice & finding what aligns naturally with you!



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7 Key Ways To Market Your Dental Practice
While Finding What Aligns Naturally With You

Marketing Strategy • 4/29/21

Dental offices are notorious for writing a check for “dental marketing” and then praying for patients to call. Through our years working in our practice, we’ve identified 7 key marketing strategies that really create impact for dental offices - and most of them are methods most offices aren’t using.

Join us for our inaugural ProsperPodcast episode where you’ll meet the crew and get a taste of how this podcast will help you to effectively draw new patients into your practice.

 In this episode we’ll:

  • Identify 7 key marketing strategies
  • Explore which are naturally aligned with your practice
  • Make a plan to take a key action in a new area of marketing for your practice
  • Meet your hosts, Kate & Shannon

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